Today is very Special Blog Post. My dear friend Shawn contacted me with a special request. Shawn has become very near and dear to my heart (trust me you’ll be seeing  alot more from her in the future she is the awesome Photographer behind Magnolia Fotos). She has been there with me from the beginning, and always so cheerful, helpful, and encouraging.

Everyone I have come in contact that I have met through Shawn, has always welcomed me with open arms, and had such an awesome glow about them.

Shawn, has a pretty awesome friend group (I was lucky enough to make a wedding cake for her dear friend Candice) and sadly one of her dear friends is battling Cancer. They all rallied and decided to do it up for him, and throw a party to CELEBRATE his LIFE! From what Shawn shared with me, he is truly a very special man, with a Brave and Loving group of Family and Friends standing behind him.

Hampton Roads Creative Cakery
Chocolate Buttercream Cake with Succulent Decor  Photo By: Magnolia Fotos  

For this Cake Shawn left the creativity up to me, but the cake flavor was a must and the Life of the Party’s request was Yellow Cake with Chocolate Frosting!  Well chocolate is what he got! A delicious Chocolate Buttercream adorned the outside of the cake with textural frosting and dot detailing!

Hampton Roads Creative Cakery
Succulent Decor with Gold Accents  Photo By: Magnolia Fotos

Hampton Roads Creative Cakery
Coke Crate Cake Stand  Photo By: Magnolia Fotos

 I chose the succulent decor, as I felt it represented such a raw concept of Life. Something so sacred and small that grew for such a long while to incorporate so many things. I always love using organic and fresh items to decorate my cakes. I used a hint of gold to accent the dark color of the chocolate and I really love how it turned out. Might be one of my favorite cakes to DATE!

Hampton Roads Creative Cakery
Photo By: Magnolia Fotos

I really did love this experience. It reminds me to stop, breathe, and be greatful. I believe life is all about learning how to dance in the rain, and this family and friend group is truly an inspiration. Please join me in praying for him and his family to find peace, and love during such a difficult time.

Photo By: Magnolia Fotos

Thank you Shawn for allowing me to be a part of this special occasion & my thoughts and prayers are with you and your dear friend.

Love always,




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