This wedding was a Sweet Emma Lou dream from start to finish. It helps that it was for one of my nearest and dearest friends younger sister…but I was honored when her and her family asked me to help out in a big way for Allie’s wedding—-in IOWA. At the time, that included packing up all my cake baking supplies and decor and figuring out the logistics of getting to Iowa. In addition, I took on almost all aspects of the decor, setup, florals, bouquets, and boutineers. Say that all in one breath and you kinda start to feel how I felt! BUT, with lots of planning and a dedicated bride and her family we made it a HUGE success!!!
Groomsmen Boutiners handmade also featuring the wheat
 I had all of the florals shipped to Iowa from a variety of vendors and had them waiting on my once I arrived on Thursday. I had strategically planned how I was going to fit in everything over the next 3 days.
TIP: When ordering flowers from online, have buckets available to get the flowers out of the packaging and in water immediately. Make sure you read up on how to keep the flowers fresh and some may need special care. Do your research beforehand so you don’t have to waste time when it’s go time!
Lucky for me, I was able to provide the Bride’s Mom (my second mom) with a shopping list that included everything I believed I would need for baking the cake and cupcakes so I was able to get to work right away on preparing the cake and cupcakes Thursday Evening. This was a huge help in being able to have Saturday morning free to decorate the Ceremony and Reception Space. 

Brides Bouquet and look at that STUNNING RING
I spent the majority of Friday morning prepping all the flowers and building the boutineers and bouquets. We had a decent idea on what we wanted them to look like but flower arranging reminds me a lot of baking and cake/cupcake decorating, you never really know. They are living things that sometimes have minds of their own. You have to learn to be patient, and go with how things are coming together. I think that is where a creative mindset comes into play. 
TIP: Make sure you have a cool room to work in while putting the bouquets together. A little music and a glass of wine helps too, but having a cool room keeps the flowers fresh and nice until the Big Day.
 I will cover the cake and dessert table in Round 2 but today’s post will focus on the details from the decor and the flowers form Allie and Brian’s day. Allie wanted an elegant intimate wedding with her closest family and friends. She chose an amazing space at a local park that was to act as both the ceremony space and reception space. We lined the isle with lanterns and created this intimate alter.

The Alter set for the Couple to say I DO
TIP: Decorations don’t have to cost a fortune! With some determination you can make a space look like a million bucks with some tenacity and time! We scoured thrift stores, goodwill, and the dollar stores for glasses vases. Add a few floating candles and some flowers…and BAM you have a romantic alter for your ceremony. 

We made sure that each table had personality that was unique but kept a fluid theme througout. We used hanging vases behind the bridal party table to highlight the area and kept it simple with single roses and babies breath. Each table setting featured a unique AD LIB and a THANK YOU card from the bride and groom. We had each table set but pushed to the side to allow the ceremony to take center stage until guests left for cocktail hour out on the patio.
TIP: It’s all in the details if you ask me! Each place setting featured a little grouping of berries, it brought the greenery down to the table setting which tied the whole thing together.
The Patio was set on the Lake–we had tall tables that matched the decor inside
While guests enjoyed appetizers and cocktails we went to work inside rearranging the space for an intimate meal and to dance the night away!

While at cocktail hour another thing happened….see below. This awesome video went viral on the Internet. See Sweet Emma Lou in this awesome video shot at Allie and Brian’s Wedding.

Next week, I’ll feature the cake, cupcakes, and decor for the Cake Table. 
You can see a sneak peak on the video! 
Until then,

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